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Gaskets are the most widely used method of sealing contained volumes and are generally only used as face seal between flat surfaces including flanges of all shapes and complicated face joints.

M Seals UK is able to offer and supply various gaskets produced from a wide range of gasket/jointing materials. Materials are available for virtually any media, at any operating temperature.

The flange design is important when engineering a joint sealed in this way and the following criteria need to be considered:

  • Flange surface finish
  • Area of seal surface – to ensure high clamping pressure
  • Bolt placement – to ensure sufficient even clamping pressure
  • Flange material strength – the surfaces must remain flat under the high clamping forces
  • Flange material to be – compatible with gasket material
  • Bolt size and design – to ensure that the bolts will provide sufficient force under operating conditions

The most common flange shape is usually a circular pipe flange. However gaskets can be used to seal very complicated faces which have a large number of separate pressurised cavities.